The Body


I studied in the medical field for a short time. I found the body quite fascinating!! It’s made up of millions of cells, veins, muscles, skin, bones and a host of other things combined, to make up the human body!!

Ladies, this is just for you….Lol!!! This is just a sample of a beautiful human body, wouldn’t you say!! The body is a complex organ. Everything functions together in harmony to do whatever it needs or wants to do. Each part of the body has a specific function.

The brain, where thoughts begin and end, the creative process starts here and develops as time goes on. The brain is a complex organ in itself!! It sends signals through the spinal cord to the nervous system. When the body has been injured it reacts accordingly. It effects your emotions and behavior, through a complex system of chemicals in our body.

The brain affects every organ in our body….isn’t that amazing!! Most  people don’t think about it, but our skin is the largest organ we have!! It covers our whole body, from the top of our heads to the soles of our feet. It grows and changes, it expands and shrinks, if we damage it, it heals itself!! Our skin even varies in color, from the palest of white, to the darkest black and every color in between!! I think the human body is fascinating!!!

I’m sorry if I sound too excited about the body, but I get that way sometimes. From a medical and personal standpoint I’m in awe of how the body functions so flawlessly. Perfect example, look at professional athletes and dancers. They train their bodies to do certain things that may seem superhuman to us, but not to them because they have trained for that particular sport.

Gymnasts come to mind when I think about how the body functions. They move in ways the body shouldn’t. They twist, turn and bend into positions that a normal person could get injured trying to do. They are so flexible it’s unreal. It all comes back to the training they received to enable them to be the best at what they do.

We may not all be able to be athletes, like gymnasts, dancers, football players and the list goes on, but we can all be of one body, the body of believers. When you’re in the body of Christ, you can do extraordinary things, in, with, and through Him! We all have gifts and talents, that some of us  don’t even know we have, simply because we haven’t tapped into them.

Romans 8:28 says,” And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” NKJV.

We all have gifts and talents deposited in us to be used, as a member of the body of Christ, for His glory and His purpose in our lives. We have to be trained in the Word, to gain strength, flexibility, and to perform at our peak, just like other athletes do, in order to win our race!!

Being a Christian, you have to train hard, develop your spiritual muscles, study your technique, master the talent He instilled in you, to be able to work like a well oiled machine in the body of Christ.

Let’s work together in the Body, to glorify Him.

Blessings Always,


The Monster of Hate


The Lord sent me a story that I have to tell you. There will be no pictures, except for the ones in your mind. Don’t let the title fool you, it’s not all about hate. It’s about the circumstances that hate can bring us to. Let’s begin…

In a small town, not unlike many of our own, hate can rear its ugly head, but there’s always someone who steps up to stop the hate, with a simple gesture. There was a young girl named Lisa, she was a cute 11 year old, but small for her age. She seemed sickly, but her parents took her to many doctors and they all said she was in good health. What they didn’t know was she was lonely and withdrawn.

Her parents loved her immensely, but they worked so much they didn’t get to spend much time with her, and she didn’t have any siblings. The only close friend she had was the babysitter, Jenny. She was a high school student, that had known Lisa since she was a year old. Jenny’s parents didn’t let her start babysitting Lisa until she was a Freshman in high school. They felt she was responsible enough to do the job at that age.

Jenny adored Lisa, she was like a little sister to her, since she was the only girl among three brothers. Jenny and Lisa’s parents knew each other and had spent a lot of time together, so they were very comfortable with the arrangement. They did all the things that girls do, laughed about boys, ate too much candy, played dress up and talked a lot.

During the summer break one year, a new family moved into town. No one knew who they were or where they came from, but there was some thing strange about them, almost creepy. Time went by and you would see them around town, when you spoke to them, they were always harsh and very unfriendly. This small community wasn’t used to people being like this, it was very unnerving.

They had a son named James, he was about the same age as Lisa, but he was big for his age. He was much bigger than most of the kids in the neighborhood, but the most terrifying thing of all, he was a bully! That summer was not a good one at all for the neighborhood or the town. James would tease the other children, push them down, take things from them and he beat up the ones who tried to stand up to him.

He saw Lisa one day and decided to focus his attention on her. He called her skinny and told her she was ugly, of course this hurt her feelings and she cried and went home from the park. She was devastated, but she hid this from her parents. Later that day when Jenny came, she confided in her. Jenny, being the sweet soul she was, held Lisa as she cried while she was telling her this.

Jenny was a Christian, and she knew that Lisa’s parents didn’t go to church and they didn’t require Lisa to go. At that moment Jenny asked Lisa if she knew who Jesus was, she said ” no, I’ve heard that name, but I don’t know who He really is.” Jenny knew she was taking a chance telling her about Jesus without her parents knowing or asking them if this was okay.  She always carried her bible with her wherever she went, she sat Lisa down beside her and began to tell her about Jesus.

Lisa’s eyes began to fill with tears, she said ” I want this Jesus in my life.” Jenny gave her a simple scripture to say, and she repeated it.  Jenny told her ” all you have to do is believe He’s in you, He will do the rest.” Over the next few weeks when Jenny would come over, they would talk about Jesus and read about all the things He did.

Slowly you could see a change in Lisa, she stood a little taller, smiled all the time, she was happy. Her parents even noticed the difference, and they asked her one day, she had the courage to tell them that she had Jesus in her!! Her mother cried at this because she didn’t know Him either, she hugged Lisa so tight and spun her around, her father hugged them both. From that point forward they all started going to church, every Sunday!!

One day after school, Lisa was on her way home and she saw a crowd of children standing around, slowly she walked over. It was James, punching and kicking another boy, the kids were yelling for him to stop, he shouted “no body can stop me!!” All of a sudden a voice in the crowd said  “I can.”

Startled, James looked up and it was Lisa, he saw how pretty she was and he stood up. He said ” how you gonna stop me skinny” and laughed. Lisa looked at him and said “can I give you a hug?”  “what” James said, and she repeated what she said, “can I give you a hug?’ she held out her arms and started to walk toward him. One girl grabbed her arm and tried to stop her, but she pulled away and said “it’s okay, I’m not scared of him”.

She stood in front of James with her arms out waiting for him to hug her, smiling at him. So he put his arms around her, for a second he was taken in by her wanting to hug him, but in an instant it changed, he started to squeeze her, he thought ” if is squeeze her hard enough she’ll scream and cry for me to stop, but that’s not what happened, Lisa never said a word.

While James was squeezing her, she could hardly get her breath, but suddenly a feeling of peace came over her, and she relaxed and thought about her Jesus and what He meant to her. She gently put her arms around his neck.

He squeezed so hard her broke her ribs, but she never cried out in pain. When he saw she wasn’t going to cry out, he let her go. She smiled at him, turned and took a couple of steps and collapsed in the street. One of the other children ran to her house and got Jenny, she was waiting for Lisa to come home from school.

When she got there she screamed “Lisa!!!” James was kneeling beside her holding her hand, tears streaming down his face. He said, I didn’t mean to hurt her, I just wanted her to cry!!  Lisa looked up at him, smiled and said “Jesus loves you and so do I”, they rushed her to the hospital, but sadly she died.

The town was never the same, Jenny moved away and went to college, Lisa’s parents, literately grieved themselves to death, they are buried beside Lisa.  One year Jenny came back to visit her town, to see if it had changed after many years of trying to forget about that day and Lisa. She went to visit friends that were still there, trying to have a good time, but that was not to be. So the only place she found comfort and solace was the church, so she decided to go that Sunday.

The pastor she had grown up with for so many years, was old and getting ready to retire. The new pastor that was to take over the congregation was in church that morning. Jenny looked at him, he looked strangely familiar, but she wasn’t quite sure where she had seen him before. Service was lovely this particular Sunday, as he was introduced to the church, she gasped, Pastor James is my name, he stated to the church.

I lived here many years ago, he said, I was a bully, a mean kid. Enough of that, let me start by telling you how I found Jesus, it was because of a little girl named Lisa….and a hug.

Have you met your Lisa?

Blessings Always,


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The Queen


I’m sure you’ve all heard of Queen Elizabeth, she’s the ruler of England. She’s been ruler for 65 years….WOW!!! That’s a long time to serve millions of people. I can’t imagine being in charge of a country with that many people!!

Some queens were born to rule, others were selected to be in that particular position. No matter how they were put into that role, they are in a unique position to serve the people of their country.

In medieval times, queens were an important part of the royal family. Like the game of Chess, the strategy is to protect the Queen from capture. Without the queen the kingdom would fall. The king would protect his queen at all costs, with the strongest armies, great men of valor and strength. Charged to protect her through whatever challenge may come against them.

Other countries, would plan an elaborate scheme to capture the queen, to force the king into submission to their demands, to return her unharmed. This was a tactic used to gain control and possession of a country by a tyrannical ruler.

Another queen that most of us have heard of, and read about in history books was Queen Nefertiti, she was considered perhaps to be Egypt’s most beautiful queen.

She was the Great Royal Wife of Akhenaten, King an Egyptian Pharaoh. She was presumed to be the mother of King Tutankhamun, King Tut for short. Every king needs a queen by his side to rule, to be his wife, mother of his children and his closest confidant.

Ladies, I have a question for you, are you the Queen in your home, the type of queen that is loved and admired by those who you cater to daily? I know this is a heavy question, it does require a lot of thought….hmmm!! Do you consider yourself a Queen, maybe you should. Now, before you get it twisted, I don’t mean that you go around barking orders, and demanding things, because you’re the queen…no!! That’s not the proper role for a queen, like yourself.

A Queen should consider herself beautiful, keep her family happy, loved and covered. She should be loved and cherished by her king. He should protect her at all costs, provide for her and the family. You should be his confidant, keep his heart close to you and your heart close to him.

There’s another Queen in history that sometimes we don’t think of her as a queen, but she was the first queen, it was Eve!! She was ruler beside Adam in the garden to be by his side, to rule with him, created from his side to be protected by him, to be loved by him.

Fathers, teach your daughters, while they are still young, that they are queens. Tell them how much they mean to you. Let them see you treat their mother, your wife like a queen, so they will know how they are to be treated by a man when they get older. Tell them that they shouldn’t settle for anything less.

Any man can be nice to you when you’re dating, it’s how he treats you after you’ve become exclusive that matters. Ladies, this is a tip for those of you who are dating. Watch your boyfriend and see how he treats his mother, this could be an indication of how he will behave with you. You’re welcome!!

Jesus is our King, we will always be His queens. We’re the apple of His eye!! A King chooses his queen, that’s why He choose us. He loves us, as Queens so much, we are very special to Him.

Learn to be the Queen you’re created to be.

Blessings Always,


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Broken Heart


I’m sure there has been a time in your life and mine, where we’ve experienced a broken heart. It may have been a break-up, the passing of a loved one, or a beloved pet. All these thing bring about a feeling of brokenness deep in our soul, so deep it feels like our heart is literally broken into a million pieces.

I’m not one for writing about my personal business, especially when it comes to my relationships, but I will be discreet. I have experienced two major break-ups that were very hard on me, my emotions were shattered, like the glass you see above. In the first one, I had been with this man for 10+ years, I loved him so much, but things didn’t work out.

We parted, that hurt none the less, but I never cried. I started dating another man, we dated for a little over two years, he was so caring, loving, strong, just what I needed in my life, when he left me I was devastated!! I didn’t understand why, he told me he loved me, and that I was his soul mate, I felt like I had known him forever!! The pain was awful.

Those were just two examples of broken hearts in my life, but the one that I thought would kill me was when my Mama died. I won’t go into details, but it was the most gut wrenching thing I have ever felt. I have never felt so much sorrow, guilt and pain. I wouldn’t wish that kind of pain on anyone, not even an enemy.

I know there may be some of you reading this right now that haven’t experienced it yet, but keep living, you will. A broken heart chips away at your very soul. It makes you wonder if you’ll ever be happy again, will you ever smile again, or will you ever love again. Only time will tell.

My story is not unique, there are many people that have gone through this pain, heartache, and loss. It feels as though we are living in a vacuum, no one feels our pain, no one cares, no one sees us, we’re all alone. Trust me, you’re not alone in this struggle to regain yourself, your life, love and hope.

There’s a way to come out of the darkness of depression, loneliness, fear, and sorrow.

Give yourself and your wounded heart over to the one who can heal it, God. He can hold your broken heart in His hands and protect it, keep it from further hurt or damage. He will lovingly hold you and let you know you are loved, cherished and wanted. This is what I had to do. I had to trust Him to take my broken heart, my wounded soul and heal it.

All the words you see in the hands in the above picture, He is all of these and so much more!! It took some time, but slowly He’s mending my broken heart. I still have sadness sometimes, but it doesn’t last for long, because I know He’s there to hold me and let me know everything is going to be okay.

Will you allow Him to mend your broken heart?

Blessings Always,


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Wash Day


Today, as I was gathering my clothes together to wash them, it made me remember of a time when we hung our clothes out to dry. Granny called it wash day.

Back in the day, we didn’t have a dryer, all we had was a clothes line, clothes pins and us. After the clothes were finished washing and Mama rinsed them, she would let us take them out to the line and hang them up.

Of course, sometimes we wouldn’t get it right, so she showed us how things were supposed to be hung up correctly to dry. Pants were hung a certain way, just as shirts, undies and other clothes. There was always a method to doing this. As kids, we had a good time doing this, because we could play around and get this done at the same time.

The one thing I loved about hanging out the wash, was the way it smelled when you brought it in. They smelled so fresh and clean, no dryer can make your clothes smell like that, even with all the fabric softeners they have now. It’s just not the same!! The sheets were the most special to me.

Granny would hang them out, and let the wind whip them soft. Sometimes, she would leave them out overnight so the dew would fall on them, and bring them in the next day. They had a different smell when they were left out overnight. You couldn’t wait to go to bed so you could smell the clean sheets!!

As we got older, Mama would take us to the Laundry Mat. Does anyone remember these?

The one we went to looked almost exactly like the one pictured here. The rolling baskets, chairs to sit in while your clothes were washing or drying. The machines were huge compared to our at home washing machine. You could get more clothes done in less time. The only drawback was, you had to pay to use them. At that time, the washing machines were 75cents and the dryers were a dime for 10 minutes.

Mama would wash and dry all our school clothes at the laundry mat, we would fold them and put them in our baskets to take home. This was a fun time for us as kids. We got to play in the rolling baskets, only if there was no one else there. If there were other people there, we could go outside and play. I liked watching the big washing machines, spin around the clothes with all the suds in there. It was exciting to me, almost mesmerizing.

It’s amazing how a small amount of laundry detergent, and the water could get the dirt, stains and smell out of your clothes and get them clean again.

The water of baptism, is the ultimate washing, to cleanse us of our sins. It gets out the dirt, stains and smell of sin in our lives. It’s like the heavy duty washing machine, only for your soul. It washes you as white as snow!! That’s exciting!!

Have you had your Wash Day yet?

Blessings Always,


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