Heart Song


When you were dating the love of your life, you had a favorite song, that when you heard it, you automatically thought of them. This was your song. The one that was playing when you asked her to marry you. This is your heart song.

We all have that one song that reminds us of a time in our life, when love was in bloom. When you looked into each others eyes, all you could see was the love you have for them. It can go much deeper than that.

Our heart song can come from the sounds of nature, from the breeze in the trees, from the sound of ocean waves, against the sand of the shore. It can also come from deep within us, the very core of our soul.

This heart song doesn’t play music, as one would think, it’s your own heartbeat!! If you’ve ever heard you own heartbeat, it has a specific sound, called a lubdub. I know it sounds a little silly, but if you listen closely, you can hear it.

Most expectant mothers, when they hear their babies heartbeat for the first time, it overwhelms them. It signifies that there is a new life growing inside them. It makes it real!! As the baby grows, the beat gets stronger and stronger!! At that particular time, there are two heart beats, the mother and the child, bonded together by one heart song.

If you notice, when the baby is born, they lay the baby on the mother’s chest, so the baby can feel her heartbeat. It calms both the baby and the mother. The same bond they had in the womb, now exists outside her body. Two people, mother and child, separated by birth, always connected by one heartbeat.

The music we listen to daily, has its own beat. The drums, the rhythm of the song lyrics, all contribute to the song. Some songs are a poem of sorts. The words rhyme, they can make a melody all their own, when sung with music. We need music to take us away from the burdens of the day, to energize us, while we are working out, and to calm us even to put us in a romantic mood.

I think music is a vital part of our everyday life. Without music, the world would be silent. As long as we have music, we have songs. As long as we have love, we will have a favorite song, that song will always be your heart song.

Always listen to your heartbeat, that’s Gods heart song to you.

Blessings Always,


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Puffy Clouds


The summertime sky is blue and so clear, you could literately see for miles. Then there are some days that the sky is filled with puffy clouds.

These are the kinds of clouds that children love looking at, to see if they can see an image of a particular animal, car, or even a face. They are beautiful, with so many different shapes. No two are alike, just like snowflakes.

To me, when I was a child, they looked like big puff balls of cotton!! So soft and welcoming, enough to take a nap on. I thought there was nothing softer than a cloud! When I grew up, clouds took on a different meaning.

I learned that clouds were the sign of the weather changing. The winds brought in more clouds, and then they changed from puffy and white to dark and threatening.

Clouds can closely be associated with our lives. I know you’re asking, “how are clouds associated with my life?”, I’m glad you asked.  When we’re younger, we’re carefree children, like the white puffy clouds, bringing happiness to whoever we meet. Playful, not a care in the world, merrily floating along, laughing and playing with those around us.

As we grow older, the clouds change, we start to live life for others, our families, careers, daily things imposed on us. The clouds have gone from white to grey, the wind starts to blow, the storm is on its way!!

You hear the thunder, an argument with your spouse, your children, a coworker, maybe even your boss!! There’s always thunder before lightning strikes!! Then all of a sudden, the lightning hits, you explode. Every thing and everyone around you feels the lightning strike!! No one is safe from your storm!!

The storm rages, rain starts to come down, you suddenly realize that your storm has almost destroyed someone you love, something you cared about, something you have worked hard for. The wind starts to cease, the rain soon stops, the clouds start to change.

As you look at your life, you will see these things. Storms will come and go, but we must be careful and diligent, not to let them destroy us, or those around us. Look up at the sky, what do you see? Do you see a clear sky, do you see puffy clouds, or do you see a storm coming? Keep watching the sky, the clouds will change.

Are you ready for your next storm?

Blessings Always,






This time of year, people are out exploring the world. Seeing new places and doing new and different things. I was thinking about my Mom and the trip we took to California by train. It was fantastic!! One part of the trip took us through the Rocky Mountains, they were spectacular!!

We were both in awe of their beauty and the massive size of them. We went on this trip in June and there was still lots of snow on top of them!! We took so many pictures of them during the trip, you may have thought we didn’t take pictures of anything else…Lol!!

Being from Kentucky, we don’t have mountains, just large hills. We couldn’t stop talking about them. There was one point where we actually went “through” the mountain. Yes, you read it correctly!! There was a 6 mile long tunnel through the mountain, that the train had to pass through to get to the other side of it. Now that was a sight to see…or not! Before we entered the tunnel, there were two large iron doors to the entrance, the conductor told us they only open on one end at a time.

This was for the exhaust from the train to be pulled in as the train traveled through, when the entire train was inside the doors closed, trapping the exhaust inside the mountain, only to be expelled on the other side when the doors opened to let the train pass. Depending on where you were on the train, you could see the smoke billowing out when the train came out of the tunnel.

That was our experience with mountains, but there are people that will go to great lengths to climb them. They train for months, sometimes years for a particular mountain climb. Why….because it’s there, that’s what I’ve always heard. I guess for some it’s a matter of accomplishment, a goal they wanted to achieve in life, or to scratch it off their bucket list. Whatever the reason, these particular people don’t stop until they have reached the summit.

Mountains hold a particular mystery for us all. The beauty, danger, thrill, of them temps us all to want to see what’s there. Different plant species have been found on mountains that were no place else on earth. Fossils that are hundreds, even thousands of years old. Even a prehistoric man, was found perfectly preserved in a glacier on a mountain. He was so in tact, they examined the contents of his stomach and could tell what he ate before he died, that’s amazing!!

Different animals, call the mountains home, like the mountain goats.

They live high on the sides of mountains, as you can see. They even rest without the fear of danger or harm from other animals. They are extremely surefooted, and agile on the rocks. We humans are not this surefooted even on flat land…lol!! We tend to trip and fall over almost anything, if we’re not paying attention.

Life can be considered a mountain, of sorts. We start at the base, learning the terrain along the way. Then we get to our first obstacle, there are so many different routes we could take, but which one? The mountain isn’t going to help you, you have a specific route to take, a guide, a compass and supplies. All these things to keep you moving in the right direction, but along the way you decide not to follow the route, guide or directions.

You get lost, low on supplies and you’re stuck on a ledge. What do you do now? All of a sudden, you remember you have a crank type signaling system, you crank long enough to get enough energy, to send out a signal for help. After waiting for it seems like hours, help comes and safely gets you back down to the base of the mountain.

All this seems like a movie, but it’s real life. We do get lost along the way, and wind up on a ledge. All because we didn’t follow proper directions that the guide gave us. The guide is Jesus and the directions are the Bible. We all have done this at some time in our lives, and He’s always there to get us off the ledge, and back on solid ground.

Let’s be surefooted, like the goat and follow the Guide. He will get us safely to where we need to go in life.

Are you ready to climb your mountain?

Blessings Always,


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Breathe It In


I was thinking about the time I went to the mountains. The scenery was beautiful, the air was crisp and clean. The cabin was so wonderful. It was such a great moment, I just wanted to breathe it all in!!

Even though this is a picture of the ocean, the woman in the picture displays that exact sentiment of what I was feeling that day! It was a great day. Sometimes we take breathing for granted, we’re just so used to it. Yes, it’s automatic, but what if you couldn’t breathe on your own, what would you do?

There are lots of people that have breathing conditions like, asthma, chronic bronchitis, COPD, and Emphysema just to name a few. Some of them aren’t able to take a deep breath, without assistance, because of coughing, or compromised airways. We all need air to breathe.

Breathing is something we take for granted, because it happens without us thinking about it. If we hold our breath, for an unlimited amount of time, it starts to affect our bodies, in adverse ways. If it’s just a short amount of time, it can make you dizzy or light headed, anything beyond that can be life threatening.

There are circumstances in our life, that can take our breath away. Love is one of them. Meeting that special person, and falling in love can take your breath away. Seeing a beautiful sunset, for us girls, that perfect pair of shoes…lol!!! For that guy, the things that can take his breath away could be, that classic car, from his childhood, or getting that mint condition baseball card.

All those things can take our breath away but what about breathing in? There are things that make you breathe it all in, joy, love, good memories, and a host of other things. We have to learn to breathe in life, through many circumstances. Whether it’s good or bad, breathe it in!!

Throughout life, there are moments that we breathe in, for example, a baby’s first breath, and first cry. In that first moment of life, air was breathed in, for our lungs to expand, and release that cry, that makes that moment special for everyone.

Yawning is another type of breathing in. It’s the body’s natural reaction to being sleepy or tired. It’s also a way of your body letting you know it needs more fresh air/oxygen. Oh my…I’ve got myself yawning just talking about it!!

There’s also the breath of life, the life that the Holy Spirit breathes into us. That breath sustains our spirit, directs us, motivates and nurtures us daily. That is the breath of love for us, given to us for life itself.

Life is a gift, enjoy it….breathe it in!!

Blessings Always,


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This is the time of the year when people are planting gardens. Lovely fresh vegetables will be sprouting up everywhere!! Being a country girl, I love fresh vegetables and any other type of fresh food!!

Frankly, I love food!! I like to plant it, see it grow, harvest and eat it. It’s so much fun for me, to get my hands dirty, digging up the ground to plant seeds. These things are embedded in my soul!! My grandmother, had a lot to do with this particular part of me. She always had flowers, and a garden when we were younger.

We would help her water the flowers in the evenings, just before the sun set, and we would go help her gather vegetables from the garden. Where I grew up, we didn’t have much, but we had an area for a big garden. It was sort of a community garden, we planted, and we all took something out.

My granny, Aunt Katie, Nana, (they were sisters), and the other ladies would can (in jars), the vegetables, when they were in season and ripe. They would can almost anything, tomatoes, corn, potatoes, peas, onions, they would make something called “soup mixture”, which consisted of tomatoes, peppers, onions, and sometimes corn. When they wanted to make beef stew, they would get a jar of this, and pour it into the pot.

We also had access to fresh meats like, pork, beef, chicken, lamb and goat. Sometimes we even had wild game like, raccoon, squirrel, and rabbit. I know some of you are going…Ewww, but you must remember, I’m from the country, those things were normal to us. Back then we didn’t have to worry with pesticides and hormone laden meats, like we do today. Wild meat was safe to eat and plentiful.

They would even make jellies, jams, preserves, out of fresh fruits, that we had growing in our yards. We had plum, apple, cherry and peach trees. Granny would even make mint jelly, from the actual mint she had growing in her “mint garden”. So many good memories around food.

Today, we lead such busy lives, it’s almost impossible to eat dinner, or any other meal for that part, together as a family. We always ate together as a family when we were younger, but times change, sometimes not always for the better. I really do miss those family times together.

Food is a very important part of daily life. We need food to survive, to maintain a healthy body and mind. We all are a product of what we eat. I believe the old adage, “you are what you eat.” If you don’t eat what you’re supposed to, your body will begin to show it, and it will rebel!! Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and a host of other disorders, can come from unhealthy eating.

I’m one of those people, I have to watch what I eat, I have high blood pressure issues. I have learned over the years how to control it, without being on medication. Healthier food choices, reading labels, not eating a lot of junk food, and getting some exercise. It really does help. I’m not here to slam anyone on what they eat, that’s entirely up to you.

Like I said, “I love food!!”, but I know what the wrong foods will do to me. There’s also another food we need to have daily, the food that feeds our Spirit, the Word!! This kind of food will feed you in a way edible food cannot. It feeds your mind, heart and soul. You can’t buy this food at a fast food place, it only is served through reading the Word daily. This Word is as sweet as honey from the honey comb!! Nothing is better than that!

All this talk about food has made me hungry!! Anyone for a juicy cheeseburger and maybe a piece of key lime pie (my favorite!!)

Join me at the table, I’ll be waiting.

Blessings Always,


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