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When you were dating the love of your life, you had a favorite song, that when you heard it, you automatically thought of them. This was your song. The one that was playing when you asked her to marry you. This is your heart song.

We all have that one song that reminds us of a time in our life, when love was in bloom. When you looked into each others eyes, all you could see was the love you have for them. It can go much deeper than that.

Our heart song can come from the sounds of nature, from the breeze in the trees, from the sound of ocean waves, against the sand of the shore. It can also come from deep within us, the very core of our soul.

This heart song doesn’t play music, as one would think, it’s your own heartbeat!! If you’ve ever heard you own heartbeat, it has a specific sound, called a lubdub. I know it sounds a little silly, but if you listen closely, you can hear it.

Most expectant mothers, when they hear their babies heartbeat for the first time, it overwhelms them. It signifies that there is a new life growing inside them. It makes it real!! As the baby grows, the beat gets stronger and stronger!! At that particular time, there are two heart beats, the mother and the child, bonded together by one heart song.

If you notice, when the baby is born, they lay the baby on the mother’s chest, so the baby can feel her heartbeat. It calms both the baby and the mother. The same bond they had in the womb, now exists outside her body. Two people, mother and child, separated by birth, always connected by one heartbeat.

The music we listen to daily, has its own beat. The drums, the rhythm of the song lyrics, all contribute to the song. Some songs are a poem of sorts. The words rhyme, they can make a melody all their own, when sung with music. We need music to take us away from the burdens of the day, to energize us, while we are working out, and to calm us even to put us in a romantic mood.

I think music is a vital part of our everyday life. Without music, the world would be silent. As long as we have music, we have songs. As long as we have love, we will have a favorite song, that song will always be your heart song.

Always listen to your heartbeat, that’s Gods heart song to you.

Blessings Always,


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FINSTER said : Guest Report Jul 30, 2017 at 5:29 PM

That was very nice. On point & 💯% TRUTH.. my song is by Brian Adams. The name is HEAVEN.... great song my wedding song also... well I still love the song even thou after 23 years of marriage 25 together we divorced.. still live the tune & yeah cost me LOTS but FINSTER Still has SOME LOVE LEFT 4 my ex. She did present me with MY DAUGHTER ... so it's Still all good & MOT 1 REGRET DO I HAVE. ✌🏼FINSTER 😎

Mr Glover smith said : Guest Report Jul 14, 2017 at 11:52 AM

This so lovely n true ....I like it #KeepitUp

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