Wash Day


Today, as I was gathering my clothes together to wash them, it made me remember of a time when we hung our clothes out to dry. Granny called it wash day.

Back in the day, we didn’t have a dryer, all we had was a clothes line, clothes pins and us. After the clothes were finished washing and Mama rinsed them, she would let us take them out to the line and hang them up.

Of course, sometimes we wouldn’t get it right, so she showed us how things were supposed to be hung up correctly to dry. Pants were hung a certain way, just as shirts, undies and other clothes. There was always a method to doing this. As kids, we had a good time doing this, because we could play around and get this done at the same time.

The one thing I loved about hanging out the wash, was the way it smelled when you brought it in. They smelled so fresh and clean, no dryer can make your clothes smell like that, even with all the fabric softeners they have now. It’s just not the same!! The sheets were the most special to me.

Granny would hang them out, and let the wind whip them soft. Sometimes, she would leave them out overnight so the dew would fall on them, and bring them in the next day. They had a different smell when they were left out overnight. You couldn’t wait to go to bed so you could smell the clean sheets!!

As we got older, Mama would take us to the Laundry Mat. Does anyone remember these?

The one we went to looked almost exactly like the one pictured here. The rolling baskets, chairs to sit in while your clothes were washing or drying. The machines were huge compared to our at home washing machine. You could get more clothes done in less time. The only drawback was, you had to pay to use them. At that time, the washing machines were 75cents and the dryers were a dime for 10 minutes.

Mama would wash and dry all our school clothes at the laundry mat, we would fold them and put them in our baskets to take home. This was a fun time for us as kids. We got to play in the rolling baskets, only if there was no one else there. If there were other people there, we could go outside and play. I liked watching the big washing machines, spin around the clothes with all the suds in there. It was exciting to me, almost mesmerizing.

It’s amazing how a small amount of laundry detergent, and the water could get the dirt, stains and smell out of your clothes and get them clean again.

The water of baptism, is the ultimate washing, to cleanse us of our sins. It gets out the dirt, stains and smell of sin in our lives. It’s like the heavy duty washing machine, only for your soul. It washes you as white as snow!! That’s exciting!!

Have you had your Wash Day yet?

Blessings Always,


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Jeannie Landers said : Guest Report Aug 15, 2017 at 10:41 PM

Thank you Jesus for wash day! Shared this with Liz on the way to work. She loved it as much as I do. My favorite of them all. God is good and forever faithful!!

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