The Body


I studied in the medical field for a short time. I found the body quite fascinating!! It’s made up of millions of cells, veins, muscles, skin, bones and a host of other things combined, to make up the human body!!

Ladies, this is just for you….Lol!!! This is just a sample of a beautiful human body, wouldn’t you say!! The body is a complex organ. Everything functions together in harmony to do whatever it needs or wants to do. Each part of the body has a specific function.

The brain, where thoughts begin and end, the creative process starts here and develops as time goes on. The brain is a complex organ in itself!! It sends signals through the spinal cord to the nervous system. When the body has been injured it reacts accordingly. It effects your emotions and behavior, through a complex system of chemicals in our body.

The brain affects every organ in our body….isn’t that amazing!! MostĀ  people don’t think about it, but our skin is the largest organ we have!! It covers our whole body, from the top of our heads to the soles of our feet. It grows and changes, it expands and shrinks, if we damage it, it heals itself!! Our skin even varies in color, from the palest of white, to the darkest black and every color in between!! I think the human body is fascinating!!!

I’m sorry if I sound too excited about the body, but I get that way sometimes. From a medical and personal standpoint I’m in awe of how the body functions so flawlessly. Perfect example, look at professional athletes and dancers. They train their bodies to do certain things that may seem superhuman to us, but not to them because they have trained for that particular sport.

Gymnasts come to mind when I think about how the body functions. They move in ways the body shouldn’t. They twist, turn and bend into positions that a normal person could get injured trying to do. They are so flexible it’s unreal. It all comes back to the training they received to enable them to be the best at what they do.

We may not all be able to be athletes, like gymnasts, dancers, football players and the list goes on, but we can all be of one body, the body of believers. When you’re in the body of Christ, you can do extraordinary things, in, with, and through Him! We all have gifts and talents, that some of usĀ  don’t even know we have, simply because we haven’t tapped into them.

Romans 8:28 says,” And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” NKJV.

We all have gifts and talents deposited in us to be used, as a member of the body of Christ, for His glory and His purpose in our lives. We have to be trained in the Word, to gain strength, flexibility, and to perform at our peak, just like other athletes do, in order to win our race!!

Being a Christian, you have to train hard, develop your spiritual muscles, study your technique, master the talent He instilled in you, to be able to work like a well oiled machine in the body of Christ.

Let’s work together in the Body, to glorify Him.

Blessings Always,


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