Have you ever had a day so good that you just wanted to dance? You didn’t care who saw you, or made a comment about it, all you want to do is dance!!

Lately, I’ve had a couple of these kinds of moments. They are so enjoyable, it was ridiculous!! I was going through some difficult times, and I wasn’t sure if things would get any better. So, I had to take a time out from the world for a short time. I went on a home based “sabbatical” of sorts.

I didn’t leave my house for a week, no phone, no computer, minimal television. I told my family and friends what I was going to be doing, and to only call if there was an emergency. I did my exercises every morning, ate breakfast, had my coffee, and did a lot of reading. I even did a little journaling….that’s big for me!!

I did some serious praying and Bible study to deepen my spiritual walk. It was an amazing week!! Whoops, I did it again….went in a totally different direction!! Oh well, I’m sure you didn’t mind, back to my regularly scheduled post….Lol!!

Dance is something that is done alone, in a group, or in a couple. Dance is thousands of years old. Tribal dancing, was a means of speaking to the gods for a particular request. The developing world had more sophisticated dancing, these are just a few examples, tango, ballroom, salsa, ballet, waltz, tap, polka, square and hip hop,  and that just scratches the surface. There are so many different types and styles, it’s hard to keep up….no pun intended.

Dance has a rhythm that makes people feel good. Some dances are cultural, country specific, others are a sign of the times. We all dance in one way or another. Either in a group during a concert, or being a couple slow dancing. Dancing is a form of expression, freedom and life.

Dance also includes, colorful costumes and colorful music. Like Carnival in Rio De Janeiro, all the extravagant costumes and parades, dance is the core of the festival. Another extravagant dance parade,  is Mardi Gras. New Orleans streets are filled with people dancing, music playing, and beads being thrown. Both these instances, dance is a big part of the celebration.

Dance was even depicted in the Bible. David, king of Israel, was said to have danced in the streets, because of his joy, sacrifice and love to the Lord, that too was a celebration!

Dance, whether it’s cultural, biblical or just a trend, has meaning and substance in our lives. I know we’ve all seen toddlers doing their first little dance to music. It may not seem like much, but it’s still a dance. They giggle, smile and bounce up and down to the sounds of the music they are hearing, and they know nothing about dancing!!! Amazing isn’t it!!!

No matter what kind of dance you like to do, whether it’s in a group, or with a partner, dance has a significant part in our lives.

Put on your favorite music, and dance like no one is watching you!! I’ll join you, let’s dance!!!

Blessings Always,


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I was driving to town last week, and I noticed all the different colors of green on the trees. Different stages of leaves budding. They ranged from the very lightest of green to deep emerald, simply breathtaking!!

This is another representation of what springtime trees may look like. All the new leaves, still small and beautiful to look at. Trees give us so much during their lifespan, like shade, cool breezes, sound. They have a practical use also, wood for houses, buildings, mulch for our landscaping, furniture, and the list goes on.

There are literately thousands of types of trees, to name a few, Maple, Pine, Cedar, Tulip Poplar, Palm, Aspen, and the largest and oldest of them all, the Sequoia, also known as the  California Redwood. All these trees are specific in nature, but each has a purpose to fill.

They provide oxygen for us to breathe, nesting for birds, food for different insects. They also provide us with beauty. When we walk through the parks and forests, sometimes we never look at how majestic the trees are. Some very simple, and others bold and strong. Some of them have lovely flowers, others just have budding leaves.

Living in the country, one of my favorite things is to hear the rain in the trees. Each raindrop hitting the leaves as it comes down, it’s almost like listening to a symphony, whether it’s a light drizzle, or a torrential downpour, it’s the music of nature.

I had a chance to go to California a few years ago, for a visit. My best friend lives in San Jose’. She took me to see the Redwood forest. I have never been in such awe of a tree in all my life!! They are massive in size and height. You can get dizzy from looking up at them, they’re so tall!! Some of them are literately thousands of years old, still standing and still growing!!

There are several of them that roads have actually been built through, (just enough room for a single vehicle). That also lets you see the size of these giants of the tree world. They are an amazing sight to see.

Just like the trees, we were created for a purpose on this earth. We all come in different sizes, colors, heights, and strengths. No one is better than any one else, just different. That in itself is what makes us unique.

We are like the trees, because when we work together, we can become the symphony, a harmonious blending of voices, so strong, yet so beautiful!!We are the forest, many of one kind, different in human form. I know you are asking yourself, what does that mean?

We are the forest, many of one kind…meaning people, different in human form….meaning male, female, young, old. We are the human trees on the earth. We start as a seed, grow to a sapling, into a mature, beautiful tree!! Even the Bible says “we are trees planted by the rivers of water”.

It has started to rain here, the symphony in the trees is starting. I’m going to go listen. I love the rain!!!

Blessings Always,


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Spring is here!! I’m so excited to see all the beautiful flowers. It’s a lovely time of the year. Do you love flowers, I certainly do!!

Spring brings us a beautiful array of different flowers. All the colors, blooms, and different types. Every community has a “show house” in their neighborhood. This particular house has the most beautiful flowers, a well manicured yard, and professional landscaping done.

Then there’s the house that the yard doesn’t have the beautiful flowers, no landscaping done, but it’s mowed and neat. Sometimes, the grass may be a little tall at times, but it’s spring and the rainy season, so the grass grows fast. I guess that’s just the nature of this time of the year.

There’s one flower that I really like….roses!! I love the fragrance, and all the different colors. There’s so many types and petal shapes, and size of the bloom. They’re simply amazing!!

Look at these beautiful colors!! This is only a small version of some of the colors roses come in. The petals are so delicate, and fragile. So many traditions use roses for ceremonies, for example; weddings, they spread rose petals on the path for the bride to walk on. In romantic settings, rose petals are spread in the bedroom and on the bed.

Roses can also be used to symbolize life and people. I know you’re asking, how can roses be like life and people? I’m so glad you asked!! If you think about it roses come in an array of different colors, just like people. They each have their own special color and beauty. People are fragile just like the petals of a rose. Their spirit has a sweet smelling aroma, like the rose.

But it can also have a harsh, thorny side. The kind of thorn that tears into your flesh causing it to bleed. That’s the way harsh words can be to someone, it tears their heart and causes them to bleed. Although it’s beautiful, it can cause you pain. We are like the rose in so many ways.

Roses come in many colors from white, to the darkest purple, which is called a black rose. There are heirloom and hybrid roses. How does that equate to people? Heirlooms are something passed down through family generations, much like a generational curse, it’s passed down through the generations until someone stops it.

That’s where the hybrid comes in. They have the heirloom rose, but they want to start a new rose, a better, stronger one, but of a different color. So the new generation perfects the heirloom rose, combines it with another, and makes it better, more beautiful.

Just like families, the generational curse must stop with someone, and combine it with, something stronger and more beautiful. They combine their willingness to change, with the Spirit of Love. With this combination, the generational curses can be broken. Life and love will blossom and be as beautiful as the Rose.

We are all Roses, beautiful, fragile, but we all have thorns. When we look at others, be sure to see their beauty, and not the thorns. Although the thorns can hurt you, we can handle the rose in such a way, that we don’t get harmed by the thorns, and still enjoy the beauty and fragrance of the rose.

Enjoy the beauty and fragrance of the Rose you are.

Blessings Always


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Thank you.



I was looking at a brochure of a beach resort. I could see myself on the beach, enjoying life. This is just a part of my vision for my life.We all should have a vision for what we want in life. Whether it’s getting married, having children, retiring early, or taking the trip of a lifetime. It takes a while to get that particular vision in our minds, but can you achieve it?

When we’re young, we had a vision of what we wanted to be when we grew up. Some of us wanted to be firemen, others wanted to be policemen, and then there were those of us that wanted to be a nurse. Some people achieved their vision, some didn’t. Although, some didn’t achieve that particular vision/goal when they were younger, they went on to do other things.

As for myself, I went on to the Marine Corps, I got married and divorced after 26 years. Believe me that wasn’t my vision at all. Don’t get me wrong, I have a good life, but my vision has changed completely. As with getting older, your outlook on life changes. You look at your mortality and how you want to live the later part of your life.

Life has circumstances that will bring about changes in your life that you can’t control. That’s when your vision will change. You must be prepared for that change in life and in your vision. There’s a fork in the road, will you go to the right or will you go to the left? Is it a hard choice, Yes!! At this point you don’t want to make a mistake that could be devastating.

Do you keep going until you reach your vision, or do you take another route? Vision requires a whole new mindset, a new way of thinking. Your vision should be something big enough that it can’t be attained easily, but working hard for it will make it more pleasurable in the end. Don’t just grasp for anything, make it specific, detailed, make a plan and stick to it.

It can be a personal vision, or a vision you have for your family, either one is a good choice.  Make it clear enough to be understood, but not too complex. Write it down, be specific, don’t generalize. What do I mean? Example, I want to go on a trip, okay, where, when, what time of year, how much time to you want to spend there, also how much money do you want to spend? All of these are valid questions you need to ask yourself, in order for your vision to become a reality.

There is also the vision that comes from The Father. His vision is one of the unconditional love He has for us. His vision for us to live a full and beautiful life, to learn how to live in peace with one another. Vision not only comes from our mind, it comes from our heart.

We must be able to open our eyes, in order to open our hearts. That’s true vision.

What’s your vision?

Blessings Always,


Morning Dance


Have you ever gotten up in the morning and felt so good, so alive that you just wanted to dance? It’s a wonderful feeling!!

Spring is in the air, birds are singing, trees are blooming, it’s a great time of the year. Although, for those of you with allergies, I feel so sorry for you. It can be miserable for you. I know you look forward to the first rain to wash all of the pollen out of the air, so a bit of relief is possible.

I look forward to being outside more, since the chill of Winter is gone. I love sitting on my porch, listening to the birds in the trees, seeing the different types of birds, and the different songs you hear. It’s absolutely beautiful!! The grass is full of little flowers, so dainty and pretty.

The arch nemesis of a beautiful lawn is the dandelion. The flowers are so pretty, that lovely yellow bloom, peeking through the green grass, such a lovely contrast. On the other hand, it can ruin a lawn, especially when they mature and start to seed. Oh my goodness, thousands of little seed pods, ready to fly through the air at the slightest breeze!! Poof, away they go!!

We can’t forget the fan favorite, the buttercup/ daffodil. This lovely flower is the first sign of Spring for me!! When I see these blooming, I know Spring is not far behind. I get excited and happy for this time of year. All my troubles seem to float away, I feel so light and positive. Everyone is planting flowers, vegetables, or getting their yards landscaped. It’s such a busy time.

Oh!! I’m sorry, I got off topic…again!! That’s what I get for looking out the window while I’m trying to write…UGH!! I was supposed to be writing about dancing, ok, here we go…again!! Dancing is what I feel like doing when I’m in a good mood. There’s no pressure, no judgement, you just let the music take you away!

Life can be a dance of sorts. Each one of us dances to a different tune or song. What we hear, is the passion of our spirit in the song. I love listening to Yoga music, it’s so calming, it has a rhythmic tone to it. I close my eyes, and free my spirit to dance to it. The dance is in each of us, we must learn how to let it out!

We all have a “spirit song”. The song that touches our deepest emotion. For a long time I thought my spirit song was Jazz, until I heard Yoga music. It takes me to a different place, one of peace, quiet and serenity. I still listen to Jazz, but it doesn’t make me feel like Yoga music does. Jazz  makes me happy, it makes me want to dance! Yoga music makes my spirit dance, for me that’s even better!!

Do you have that special song that makes you want to dance? I’m sure you do, if you don’t, then get one. Dancing is freedom, pleasure, not to mention it’s a lot of fun!! Find that special song, and dance like there’s no one watching!!

Listen to your spirit song, feel free to dance in the morning!!

Blessings Always