Something just hit me!!

Good Morning All,

I was out early this morning, taking my walk as usual, when something hit me! No, really something actually hit me!

I stopped and wiped my forehead, to see it was water. Just a drop of water startled me during my walk, I thought wow, it took something that simple, to completely stop me in my tracks.

Needless to say, I had to look around to see if anyone saw me….lol! It was early and foggy this morning. I looked up to see where this drop came from. It was a power line!

The fog had condensed on the line, to make water droplets all along the line, and when I walked by, at the precise moment, one fell, right onto my forehead!

Isn’t it ironic how things happen at a precise moment in our lives? Not that it was a bad thing, it just stops us for a minute, makes us assess the situation, and continue on with more focus to what’s around us.

People and things can sometimes be like that, at that precise moment, you meet that special person, you want to spend the rest of your life with, or want that promotion that you thought was out of your reach, or that house you’ve been looking to buy, but thought you couldn’t afford.

Then out of nowhere it hits you….BAM!! You got that date, you got that promotion, you got the loan for your dream home. No words can explain how you got these things, or why.

Some people call it Karma, fate, blessings, favor. I tend to think it’s all of them. For if it were not for one of them, none of them would exist. No matter what we call it, it happens for us all.

Life is strange like that. Things happen we can’t quite explain, or understand. We just know they happened to us and we should be grateful for them.

Oh yes, back to the water droplet, at the time the drop fell on me, a car was coming toward me, in the fog that I didn’t see, as I was about to cross the road. That little water drop, saved me.

Karma, fate, blessings, favor. You decide.

Blessings Always,



Imagination, it’s a powerful tool.

We must be mindful of how powerful our minds are,  with imagination as one of our most precious tools. Just think back, when you were young. how you used to play with that “imaginary” friend. You would play all day long with your friend.

You would have you mom set a place at the table for her, even though no one could see her, you knew she was there. You would look her way, smile and giggle, just like best friends do.

No one ever saw this “friend” but you knew they were there. She even had a name, no one knew it but you.  You had hiding places, secrets told to one another, you could be seen having conversations with them. That was a happy time for you.

Then we started leaving our “friend” at home, while we went to play with the other kids. “They wouldn’t understand”, you told her. “So stay here, I’ll be back later.” But you never came back, you grew up.

As time went on, your life progressed, you soon forgot about your friend. School, careers, marriage, children, people all around you. You have friends, good people, kind and caring. A husband and children that love you, but there’s still something missing…that special friend we had when we were young.

Your inner little girl, is longing to have that kind of friendship again. You don’t want people to think you’re crazy, if they saw you talking to yourself. That’s not good, but what to do?

You heard about Yoga and meditation, so you try it. The beginning was a little different, but as time went on it got easier. Relaxing was soon a way of bringing that calm you were missing.

Then you realize something, it wasn’t your imaginary friend you were missing, it was inner peace!! Something you hadn’t felt since you were a child. That’s what you friend brought out in you.

That peaceful feeling of knowing that she was there, without even seeing her. Talking to her telling her about your day and how you colored in the lines.

You smile just at the thought, of having that back again. This time you promised not to leave her at home, you were going to put her where she belonged…in your heart.

We all have an imagination, a beautiful series of memories, thoughts, dreams, all rolled into one.

Lets not leave our “imaginary friend” behind. Put them where they belong…in our hearts.

Blessings Always